The new Ducati Monster S4R Testastretta

The Monster 2007 range is now bigger and better with the new S4R Testastretta. This new bike gains the famous 130 hp Testastretta low sump L-twin engine, previously mounted only on the top version S4Rs Testastretta. Founder of the SR family, this bike takes upon a very important role, coming up alongside the S4Rs Testastretta which represents the current performance and equipment apotheosis. The S4R develops and increases in power going from 117 hp of the previous engine, to the 130 hp of the Testastretta, maintaining its very important role in the SR family: its two-sided mufflers, the aluminium trellis single-sided swingarm, the small fairing, the exclusive paint schemes, the high quality suspensions, joined together with the powerful low sump Testastretta engine, is a milestone in the development of the Monster S4R Testastretta.


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