Yamaha Vixion 150 ccVS Suzuki Satria 150 cc

V-Ixion using injection technology, while Satria F 150cc using a carburetor.

On the technology injection or EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection), fuel is injected into the engine using the injector with the injection time (injection duration and frequency) are controlled by computer. Fuel injection is adjusted by the amount of incoming air, so that the ideal mix between gasoline and air PAS will ALWAYS be fulfilled in accordance with the conditions of load and engine speed. The purpose of the application of the EFI system is to improve the efficiency of fuel use (fuel efficiency), to maximize engine performance (optimum engine performance), control / operation of the machine easier (easy handling), extend the life / lifetime and durability of the machine (durability), and emissions lower exhaust gas (low emissions).

In the carburetor, gasoline from the tank is channeled into the carburetor float chamber through a gas station (mechanical / electrical) and fuel filter. Furthermore gasoline into the engine through the hole venturi jet in space (space to increase the speed of airflow into the engine). Thus the number of incoming gasoline depends on the speed of the incoming air flow and a large hole jet.

From the carburetor technology (Satria F) Injection VS (V-Ixion) is certainly superior in the V-Ixion keiritan fuel ..

However, in terms of TOP SPEED and Acceleration clear SATRIA F150 that win from Vixion ..


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