Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Harley Davidson motorcycle is a U.S. manufacturer of super-heavy, ie, with high strength lifting capacity. 
The Harley Davidson company, which has always been a reference in its field, has from 90 a pickup in economic activity through a restructuring that enabled him to obtain the top position and the modern so getting a foothold in the market.
With nearly 50% market share in the United States, Harley-Davidson has a heavy rivals such as Japan beasr manufacturers such as Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles, although to a lesser extent because the majority is dedicated to building a smaller motorcycle. direct competition between Harley-Davidson to BMW, and Polaris.
Motorcycle market in parts by weight is almost monopolized by BMW and Harley-Davidson, as for other companies will be almost impossible to enter the country because the two motors are referenced together in the areas they like Porsche and Ferrari are on their own.
Harley-Davidson seeks to attract new revenue for the company is the name of an international license, so getting royalties for this. Along with this case, we can mention the great benefits of having a motorcycle into a car, like the latter consumes less fuel, be cheaper to buy and maintain and does not generate traffic problems.
Even Harley-Davidson is a very attractive company to invest. Report benefit the shareholders in the last 10 years, this is due in part to publicity and the introduction of this bike in the sectors of the population that previously did not unusual that they have a Harley Davison. Doctors and professionals are now many customers, making this company truly a winner in the market where it is located.


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